Time-saving, tailor-made, authentic bookkeeping and admin.

Not everyone loves bookkeeping and admin as much as we do, which is why we offer a simple all-in-one solution to save you time, money, and effort.

Time-saving, tailor-made authentic bookkeeping & admin.

Not everyone loves bookkeeping and admin as much as we do, we understand that you might have other things to focus on. Which is why we offer a simple all-in-one solution to save you time, money and effort.


We offer bespoke administration services for almost anything that your business requires, from basic day-to-day admin to advanced services such as:

  • Filing and structuring of accounting systems
  • Setting up policies and procedures
  • Creating forms e.g: HR, reimbursement forms, EFT forms, etc.


We offer all-inclusive bookkeeping services that cover all basic business needs. Our solution caters for everything up to trial balance and monthly financial reports including:

  • Cashbooks, supplier invoices, and client invoices
  • Revenue analysis, debtors age analysis, and cashflow analysis
  • Submission of SARS: PAYE & VAT

Community Service

We are giving back to our local communities by offering free services to those who need it most and extending a helping hand where we can. Some of the services we offer freely are:

  • Professional and modern CV’s
  • Preparation for job interviews
  • Assistance with care for the aged and people with disabilities
  • Empowering people to be self sustainable

Why eBookkeeper is for you:

Many business owners or entrepreneurs can’t find the time to do their day-to-day business admin. This is where eBookkeeper can free up the time you need to do what you love.

We take pride in our great value-for-money services.

  • We are enthusiastic, energetic, and love a challenge
  • We are detail oriented and meticulous
  • We are ethical and have solid advisory skills

Do your administration the easy way…

Why not take the time out of your day to do the things you enjoy? With eBookkeeper, doing your day-to-day admin and bookkeeping is as simple as leaving it to us.

  • We’ll collect all your receipts and documents from you
  • We’ll submit and organise the things you don’t want to
  • We’ll keep track of it all and only show you the important “need-to-know” things, the rest you can leave to us. It’s as simple as that.


How we strive to be different:

We believe that your success is our success, and that’s the fundamental reason why we strive to provide service excellence.

In order to achieve this, we have applied a few simple rules for the way that we conduct both ourselves and our services:

  • Deliver extraordinary service
  • Address customer pain points
  • Do business differently than our competitors
  • Create a powerful service offering
  • Create a memorable experience for our clients

Why we’re good at what we do:

eBookkeeper was founded to fulfill the need for affordable and quality administration services in South Africa.

The company was founded by Christa Stander, who has expertise in the following: Administration, Process Optimisation & Implementation, Strategic Planning, Problem Resolution, Relationship Management, Bookkeeping, Team Management, and Cost Control.

“I believe that my skill-set could make a real, valuable impact on Micro to Small enterprises” – Christa Stander (Founder)

Christa is an experienced business enabler with extensive knowledge in financial processes, office management, human resources, and administration. With a vast knowledge across various sectors, Christa is a highly skilled and talented problem solver. She is a strategic thinker who executes practices in line with core business needs, resulting in a multi-faceted, unique, and results-driven approach to the management of complex business practices.

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Dawie Botha / Ique Capital

The dedication and commitment reflected by eBookkeeper to delivering a professional service to its client base, is exceptional. The degree of client service and focussing on satisfying the clients needs and expectations are quite remarkable and outstanding. Without any hesitation we strongly recommend the services of eBookkeeper to any organisation that requires an efficient, client-orientated, professional, and cost-effective accounting function.

Debbie / iSimplifi

Although English is not my first language and accounting is not my first choice of interest, I understand that as a business owner I need to give attention to my accounting. Without the expert and patient help I received from Christa, I would have been lost. She explains accounting topics in a language that I can understand and with the patience of a saint.

Phinius Sebatsane / Founder of Rea Thusana Foundation

Christa Stander is an amazing Book-Keeper. She’s not only passionate about finances, she’s also passionate about the people that she’s working with. She has been such a huge help with helping us write proposals for fundraising that were successful and also with reporting to the Department Social Development which we had amazing feedback from. She is reliable and trustworthy. She doesn’t only record our finances, but she also helps strategise how the finances should be used to become more impactful in your company and your ministry. It is a joy to work with her.

MD Christo Pieterse (Prof Land Surveyor) / Thrive FX ProfDev

We have been most impressed by the adaptability of eBookkeeper in keeping track of the various facets of Property developments and related nuances. Christa thrives in this Professional environment with the exacting of numbers and systems…

Adv. Morné Basson / MD Thrive FX Energy

Working throughout SADC and keeping the record of cross border expenses and transactions allocated to various SPV’s is no mean Feat! eBookkeeper have shown extraordinary attention to detail.

Wayne Preuss / Director JHP Properties

As technology advances and business systems have the capability of streamlining its appeal to a younger generation of idea’s, we remain encouraged by the simplicity and willingness of eBookkeeper to try new methods with us.

H.P. (Henri) Hough / Frameless Studio

Christa has been a vital part of my business since inception. She is thorough and organized! Highly recommend eBookeeper’s services !

Christine Campbell / Campbell Painters

Christa is reliable, trustworthy and an asset to any business I would highly recommend her anytime I can.

Lindie Malan / ActionCOACH

Christa has shown diligence, accuracy and responsibility in managing and reconciling this account, and others, on a month to month. She is highly dependable, honest and can be trusted even beyond her scope of responsibilities..

Kobie Lombard / Polygon Technologies

I highly recommend Christa as a bookkeeper. Her expertise and dedication have been instrumental in maintaining the financial health of our business. With her meticulous attention to detail and thorough understanding of accounting principles, she has effectively managed all aspects of our financial records.

Christa has consistently demonstrated professionalism and reliability in her work. She is always prompt in their responses and ensure that all financial transactions are accurately recorded and organised. Her ability to analyse financial data and provide insightful reports has greatly contributed to our business’s success.

Working with Christa has brought us peace of mind, knowing that our financial records are in capable hands. We are confident in her ability to handle any financial challenge that arises and to provide valuable guidance when needed. Her integrity, reliability, and exceptional service make her an invaluable asset to any business.

I wholeheartedly recommend Christa as a bookkeeper. Her professionalism, expertise, and dedication to her work have made a significant impact on our business’s financial management. I am grateful for her contributions and look forward to continuing our successful partnership in the future.


Consulting bookkeeper to Sheltersuit SA foundation since Jan 2020. Sheltersuit SA has a successful and sustainable online financial system due to the intervention of the services of eBookkeeper.

Monthly updates ensure that our management accounts are accurately recorded and the Board of Sheltersuit SA Foundation are pleased with the results that are achieved by eBookkeeper every month.

Our inventory control and logistics are managed effectively be e-bookkeeper to ensure that our stock control and export objectives are in line with our business models.

We recommend eBookkeeper to Non-Profit Companies and SME’s.